Rampart Station

Citadel station

An enormous orbital space station, Rampart Station was commissioned by the Senate to help rebuild the ruined world of Kelro. One of the Outer Expansion Zone worlds most damaged by corporate greed, Kelro’s atmosphere was poisoned by relentless strip mining, rendering it uninhabitable. Remembering a similar project that had restored the similarly ruined world of Telos 3,000 years previous, Ithorian senator Tomla Abon persuaded the Republic to construct Rampart Station, which would oversee the ecological recovery of the planet.

To achieve this, the station was constructed in orbit around Kelro, and consists of a series of large residential, entertainment, docking, laboratory, and other modules that were interconnected by a base of girders and other support structures. The station serves as home to the many technicians and restoration project employees (and their families), as well as the organization’s conduit for needed supplies.

Many ships travel to and from the station every day, making it a hub for travelers, Republic officials, and wanderers, as well as less savory elements. The enterprise is protected by volunteer defense fleets, as well as military and guard personnel on the station. Still, the station is orderly and peaceful, helped by the Ithorians donating luxury items such as natural lights, beautiful flora, and comfortable surroundings to help those who stay on the station for extended periods.

The station is primarily under the control of the Ithorian relief organization United Destiny, who are working tirelessly to ensure that Kelro can be restored to its pristine state. If Kelro can be made whole again, it is their hope that similar projects will also be undertaken on other ruined worlds.

Rampart Station

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