Vagaari-tur.jpgVery little is known about the Vagaari. Their name is spoken of in dread whispers throughout the Unknown Regions, but few Republic species have had contact with them, and even the Jedi know next to nothing. They are known as callous slavers with little regard for life, but they also claim to be members of other species to ingratiate themselves to their unsuspecting victims.

They have no respect for life, using slaves as meat shields and studding their ships with slave pods on the outside to discourage enemies from firing upon them.

Player Encounters

The party encountered the Vagaari on Rampart Station; they had smuggled aboard Lugubraa fighters, frozen in stasis, onto the station and were experimenting with carbon-freezing captives. The party dispatched of Klarsh, the Vagaari infiltrator, and learned that the Vagaari intended to invade Rampart Station. (Etaras, a merchant the party encountered on the station, was also a Vagaari, though the party did not realize his infiltration at the time.) Just then, a Vagaari fleet emerged from hyperspace and began attacking. The Vagaari raided the station, attempting to take slaves. However, their invasion force was repelled by security troops, and their fleet is defeated and destroyed by Republic forces, except for one escaping ship.


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