Lugubraa-tur.jpgComing from the Unknown Regions, the Lugubraa are regarded as nothing less than a plague. They breed rapidly and can quickly deplete a planet of its resources within months. Many planets have succumbed to their ravenous hunger, leaving only bare rock.

Still, they are a ubiquitous presence in the Unknown Regions, serving as mercenaries or hired muscle, being more tough than brainy. As such, they are dumb, but follow orders and have the muscle to back up their master’s will. A group of them has apparently allied with the Vagaari.

Player Encounters

The party first encountered the Lugubraa on the abandoned Ithorian herdship Jungle Ghost, understanding them only as a bestial, lamprey-like species that had overrun the ship. The party encountered another one working to sabotage Rampart Station with a Vagaari infiltrator, who had also smuggled onto the station pods full of Lugubraa warriors kept in stasis. The Lugubraa helped invade the station, but were repelled by the Republic’s security forces.


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