Autumn of the Republic

January 5, 2014

The Battle of Rampart Station

With Rampart Station under attack, the party is contacted by Senator Aerena Drayson, who alerts them that the station’s command module is not responding to messages and has probably already been captured. The command center must be retaken to coordinate the station’s defense.

The party moves through a Trandoshan security station, getting the Trandoshans on their side and also allowing Tuda Poli to help them fight the Lugubraa. Together they charge through a Trade Federation shopping mall, sneaking past several Lugubraa and killing a Vagaari infiltrator who was putting stasis collars on unconscious civilians.

The party then raids the command center, killing the Vagaari attackers inside and finding the command staff dead. The party then repaired the communications equipment, reconnecting the station’s powerful sensors to the Trandoshan and Duros militaries. They direct the ships to carefully fire around the Vagaari ships’ slave pods, but leave the civilian ships to their own devices and vent some of the station modules to space to kill off Lugubraa forces.

The Republic forces successfully destroy the Vagaari fleet (aside from one ship that escapes to hyperspace). Senator Drayson congratulates the party, saying they’ve saved Rampart Station and making them heroes of the Republic.



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