Autumn of the Republic

February 23, 2014

Lending the Chadra-Fan a Hand

Gibit is contacted by T’abbar, a Chadra-Fan journalist; a Chadra-Fan community in one of the deeper levels of Coruscant had recently purchased medical supplies, but they were stolen before they arrived in their area. The party does some investigation around the casino before learning that a Farghul named Cordin arranged their theft and gave them to Jastat, a human cyborg in debt to Boda the Hutt. The party tracks Jastat to a marketplace, where he gives them the slip and leads them on a speeder bike chase into an abandoned factory. There, the party maneuvers through the rusted-over machinery and fights past two Gamorrean guards defending the stolen supplies, but Jastat has escaped. The party delivers the supplies back to the Chadra-Fan, who are grateful and provide a reward.



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