Autumn of the Republic

February 2, 2014

Victory Lap

After wrapping up affairs on Rampart Station, the party is picked up by the Bindu’nal to go back to Coruscant. Along the way, the party meets Jedi Grandmaster Gume Taal as well as Senator Tomla Abon, who thanks them for their hard work protecting the Rampart Station project. Along the way, Gibit steals a small voorpak from the Jedi laboratories, and Oneewa is harassed by another Jedi apprentice—a Twi’lek girl named Nolaa Ven—who resents that his Master picked the Jawa over her.

At Coruscant, Senator Drayson purchases apartments for the party to stay on whenever they’re on Coruscant. The party meets up with Supreme Chancellor Dugo Vegnu, who wants to hold a big state funeral for the recently deceased Jedi Council member Ramar Qel-Droma against the Jedi Order’s wishes. The party is invited to the funeral, where they meet dignitaries and senators, including Drayson’s boss, Senior Senator Marl Torim. However, during the funeral, Coruscant’s weather-control technology malfunctions and a supercell thunderstorm builds up. Hurricane-force winds batter the funeral, sending everybody running inside.

In the aftermath, Senator Torim died trying to help evacuate people. That night, in her grief, Drayson drunkenly tells the party that Torim’s corpse revealed he was a shapeshifter. Whether Torim is alive or dead, or whether he knew about the shapeshifter or not, or who was responsible, is a mystery—one the party decides to pursue.



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