Hutt agent


Tough human-cyborg enforcer


Jastat was a young human working for Boda the Hutt as a small-time crook. One job turned into an ambush by a rival Hutt; Jastat was the only survivor, losing half of his body to a grenade. Boda, needing to know who had crossed him, poured credits into refitting Jastat’s body with cybernetic implants to keep him alive long enough. Once he’d found out what he needed to, Boda began to use the improved and stronger Jastat as an enforcer and representative—but docking his pay to cover the cost of his extensive rehabilitation. Jastat is thus heavily indebted to Boda, and has no way of escaping the Hutt’s notice.

The party first encountered Jastat on Coruscant, having stolen Chadra-Fan medical supplies to resell and make money to help pay off his debt to Boda. He escaped, however, after failing to lose the party in a speeder chase.

Jastat has mastered all of his cybernetic implants, including jet boots implanted into his feet. He is also an accomplished pilot and has thorough knowledge of the Coruscant underworld. However, he is not terribly bright or ambitious.


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