Dugo Vegnu

Supreme Chancellor of the Republic


Male Sullustan Noble


Dugo Vegnu, Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, was elected on a tidal wave of optimism and sentimental populism. Young and charismatic, Vegnu is known for being quick to make friends and his sincere, unwavering belief in the Republic. It was his can-do spirit that quickly propelled him from charity organizer to planetary senator to Supreme Chancellor — a beacon of light for the Republic during a time it felt it could do no wrong.

Unfortunately, while Vegnu is a well-liked and well-meaning politician, he has not proven particularly effectual; he is a “peacetime” politician ill-equipped to handle actual crises. Shortly after Vegnu’s election, the corporate excesses in the Outer Expansion Zone were revealed, and the Senate’s response was perceived as tepid at best. Corporations had sponsored an exploratory effort to colonize new worlds in the Outer Rim and expand the borders of the Republic, only to ravage the worlds they claimed and force the volunteer colonists into indentured servitude. Vegnu was ill-equipped to handle such a scandal, and in the end, the megacorporations involved got little more than a slap on the wrist, and while the worst abuses were stopped, many colonists still live under corporate control.

The scandal has been a black eye on Vegnu’s chancellorship, and his image as a friendly, popular leader has become that of an ineffectual, bumbling goof. His subsequent attempts to improve the lot of the Republic have been met with strong opposition, and his political capital has been neutralized.

Furthermore, Vegnu has a strained relationship with the Jedi Order, in particular Grand Master Gume Taal; he has never moved past his youthful, superstitious ideas about the Jedi, and has tried to use them to solve every little problem in the Republic. Dugo’s older sister Aril was taken by the Jedi as an infant, and so he grew up believing the Jedi to be magical superheroes. Even her dying in a hyperdrive malfunction as a teenage Padawan didn’t dim his boyish enthusiasm for the Order, an enthusiasm that has persisted into adulthood.

Dugo Vegnu

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