Autumn of the Republic

February 23, 2014
Lending the Chadra-Fan a Hand

Gibit is contacted by T’abbar, a Chadra-Fan journalist; a Chadra-Fan community in one of the deeper levels of Coruscant had recently purchased medical supplies, but they were stolen before they arrived in their area. The party does some investigation around the casino before learning that a Farghul named Cordin arranged their theft and gave them to Jastat, a human cyborg in debt to Boda the Hutt. The party tracks Jastat to a marketplace, where he gives them the slip and leads them on a speeder bike chase into an abandoned factory. There, the party maneuvers through the rusted-over machinery and fights past two Gamorrean guards defending the stolen supplies, but Jastat has escaped. The party delivers the supplies back to the Chadra-Fan, who are grateful and provide a reward.

February 2, 2014
Victory Lap

After wrapping up affairs on Rampart Station, the party is picked up by the Bindu’nal to go back to Coruscant. Along the way, the party meets Jedi Grandmaster Gume Taal as well as Senator Tomla Abon, who thanks them for their hard work protecting the Rampart Station project. Along the way, Gibit steals a small voorpak from the Jedi laboratories, and Oneewa is harassed by another Jedi apprentice—a Twi’lek girl named Nolaa Ven—who resents that his Master picked the Jawa over her.

At Coruscant, Senator Drayson purchases apartments for the party to stay on whenever they’re on Coruscant. The party meets up with Supreme Chancellor Dugo Vegnu, who wants to hold a big state funeral for the recently deceased Jedi Council member Ramar Qel-Droma against the Jedi Order’s wishes. The party is invited to the funeral, where they meet dignitaries and senators, including Drayson’s boss, Senior Senator Marl Torim. However, during the funeral, Coruscant’s weather-control technology malfunctions and a supercell thunderstorm builds up. Hurricane-force winds batter the funeral, sending everybody running inside.

In the aftermath, Senator Torim died trying to help evacuate people. That night, in her grief, Drayson drunkenly tells the party that Torim’s corpse revealed he was a shapeshifter. Whether Torim is alive or dead, or whether he knew about the shapeshifter or not, or who was responsible, is a mystery—one the party decides to pursue.

January 5, 2014
The Battle of Rampart Station

With Rampart Station under attack, the party is contacted by Senator Aerena Drayson, who alerts them that the station’s command module is not responding to messages and has probably already been captured. The command center must be retaken to coordinate the station’s defense.

The party moves through a Trandoshan security station, getting the Trandoshans on their side and also allowing Tuda Poli to help them fight the Lugubraa. Together they charge through a Trade Federation shopping mall, sneaking past several Lugubraa and killing a Vagaari infiltrator who was putting stasis collars on unconscious civilians.

The party then raids the command center, killing the Vagaari attackers inside and finding the command staff dead. The party then repaired the communications equipment, reconnecting the station’s powerful sensors to the Trandoshan and Duros militaries. They direct the ships to carefully fire around the Vagaari ships’ slave pods, but leave the civilian ships to their own devices and vent some of the station modules to space to kill off Lugubraa forces.

The Republic forces successfully destroy the Vagaari fleet (aside from one ship that escapes to hyperspace). Senator Drayson congratulates the party, saying they’ve saved Rampart Station and making them heroes of the Republic.

December 15, 2013
Station Exploration

The party arrives on Rampart Station. Terekka is contacted by Senator Aerena Drayson, who wants Terekka to investigate any hidden corruption on the station, and entrusts her Ryn agent K’mata to help. Meanwhile, Rep and Gibit are contacted by the local Trade Federation franchise; a saboteur has been rigging cargo pods to explode.

Terekka finds his warning about alien invaders has gone unacknowledged; someone blocked the message. He finds Oneewa, a Jawa Jedi on the station, who is looking for another Jawa who has gone missing. He meets with the Trandoshan military, who are guarding the station, but they are unreceptive, being preoccupied with the exploding cargo pods; the Duros military, also serving as security, is similarly preoccupied with stealing lucrative defense contracts from the Trandoshans.

The sabotage trail leads to Dev, a young Trade Federation programmer, who immediately confesses. However, it turns out he’s been blackmailed by a Kage woman named Tuda Poli. The party uses Dev as bait to lure Tuda out, confronting her as she runs to her speeder. They stun her and interrogate her; she says she was working alone, fighting the corrupt Republic and its lackeys on behalf of her people. The party gives her to the Trade Federation’s custody, and receives a bounty for bringing her in alive.

The party then decides to track down Oneewa’s missing Jawa friend Hacha. He used to work for three merchants on the station, Etaras, De Roh, and Ferth, so the party begins interviewing them; all of them used Hacha to spy on the others, but De Roh used a droid to follow the Jawa and saw him go into Science Module 26, which has been recently shut down by computer glitches.

The party enters Science Module 26, which is cut off from the rest of the station by vacuum, and finds a carbon-freezing chamber holding a cargo container full of lamprey-like aliens in stasis (like they encountered on the empty Ithorian herdship), as well as several people partially frozen in carbonite. Inside is another lamprey-like alien—a Lugubraa—as well as an alien the same species as Etaras, with rubbery skin and two mouths. The party switches off the lights and easily dispatches the two. On capture, the alien identifies himself as a Vagaari—a largely unknown slaver species from the Unknown Regions—and mocks their respect for life. Just then, Senator Drayson contacts them, alerting them that the station is under attack by an unknown fleet—the Vagaari.

November 17, 2013
Ghost Ship

The party is joined by Jirya Loof, a human vigilante who is being contracted by the Republic to help investigate the lost Ithorian herdship Jungle Ghost.

Traveling in Reep’s ship, the Methane Flyer, the party finds the ship adrift in space. All escape pods have been jettisoned. The ship’s computers and lighting are erratic or nonfunctional, and there are no signs of battle. A discarded datapad shows that the ship experienced power fluctuations and computer failures after picking up new passengers on Cadomai, including several never-before-encountered species. Jirya and Gibit fix the ship’s decaying reactor core while Reep and Terekka encounter one of the lifeforms aboard the ship—a lamprey-like biped that seems to possess only rudimentary intelligence. It tries to eat Terekka, who slices it with his lightsaber.

Reconvening, the party searches for human life signs that the Methane Flyer had detected before. In the arctic biodome, the group finds three salvagers who are now holed up in the ice tunnels. The salvagers follow the party out, as they search for the command bridge.

The party fights through more lamprey-like aliens to reach the command tower. There, they fight through security droids to access the bridge, where they find the captain dead—starved to death—with a datapad. His last message details the ship’s sabotage, and reveals that the escape pods were all sabotaged as well—an unknown ship emerged right after they tried to evacuate and captured all of their escape pods, with all 10,000 passengers aboard. Now they’re heading to Rampart Station, and they’ve got a five-day head start. The party takes off immediately.

October 20, 2013
How I Met My Party

Reep, a young Neimoidian, traveled to the planet Ord Mantell to get repairs for his ship, the Methane Flyer. While there, he met up with Gibit, a young Chadra-Fan tech, and got involved in Bothan Jedi Terekka Kre’yla’s search for Iris Snow, a slaver who escaped from Republic custody. Having successfully captured Iris Snow (despite her killing a hostage), the Republic has new work for the party: finding an Ithorian herdship, the Jungle Ghost, that has gone missing.


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