Trandoshan military

Trandoshan-warrior-TOR.jpgThree hundred years ago, after the final defeat of the Sith, the Republic began an expansive piece of legislation called the Ruusan Reformation, which put the Jedi Order under the oversight of the Supreme Chancellor and Senate (as well as enacting many other structural changes), and disbanded the Republic military, relying on the Jedi and planetary militaries for protection.

This presented a great opportunity for the aggressive Trandoshan species. The Trandoshans were known as bullies and thugs; their proud hunter culture often translated into careers as mercenaries, bounty hunters, and slavers. The Senate had censured them many times, and the Jedi were no friends of theirs either.

The Trandoshans turned their aggression into military service. The dominant species philosophy became “hunting as one,” favoring the success of the pack over that of the individual and provoking religious fervor for the Scorekeeper, a Trandoshan goddess said to watch hunters and award them points for their kills. The Trandoshan military loaned itself out to planets that lacked the manpower to protect themselves; soon, Trandoshan soldiers could be found in protection and security roles all over the galaxy. While there are still some who choose to channel their rage into shadier professions, most Trandoshans now recognize the lucrative prosperity that military service brings them and their homeworld.

Trandoshan soldiers are strong and alert. Their hunter nature makes it easy for them to track prey, and they are ferocious combatants who revel in their kill count. The Trandoshans have also used their newfound wealth to order massive dreadnoughts from the Mon Calamari shipyards; they are boxy and ugly, but loaded with enough firepower to make any aggressor think twice. Trandoshan troops are commanded by a Tallykeeper, who functions as a general. Under the Tallykeeper are Huntmasters who command individual groups. Dreadnoughts tend to be under the control of individual Tallymasters, befitting their military’s loose structure and individualist nature.

The Trandoshans often compete with the Duros military for defense contracts; as such, they have developed a fierce rivalry. The Trandoshans tend to favor aggressive attacks by ground troops over the Duros’ preference for hit-and-run tactics and starfighter squadrons.

Trandoshan military

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