Techno Union

An enormous commerce guild made up primarily of high technology firms, with lobbyists and a commercial fleet. The Techno Union is home to some of the foremost scientific and technological minds in the Republic. Droids, starships, weapons, and all manner of devices are designed and manufactured by the Union, who backs only the very best inventions.

One of the sponsors of the Outer Expansion Zone project that ended up virtually enslaving its colonists and strip-mining its worlds, the Union is now scrambling to rebuild its reputation.

The Techno Union is primarily run by the Skakoans, a technologically advanced race. Its headquarters is on Skako, near Coruscant.

While the Techno Union as appears in Attack of the Clones is on the side of the Separatists, this era’s Union is more morally vague — concerned with profit, yes, and occasionally pushing the lines of ethical science, but also providing goods and services to planets across the galaxy, and enabling cutting-edge research across the Republic.

Techno Union

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