Kelro is a planet in the Outer Expansion Zone. A warm, tropical planet, it was first colonized about 25 years ago, when the Republic made a formal effort to expand its borders. Kelro was home to a colony of humans, Ithorians, Zabraks, and Wookiees working to help Czerka Corporation catalog new plant life in hopes of creating new medicines.

However, Czerka soon discovered rich mineral deposits underneath the surface of the planet. Using the colonists as indentured labor, they began strip-mining Kelro, covering up their corruption with bribes and obfuscation. Four years ago, a mining accident cracked the planetary crust, releasing toxic fumes into the air. Czerka officials evacuated the planet, but most of the colonists succumbed to the now-poisonous atmosphere. Kelro was rendered unlivable without significant environmental protection.

When word of the environmental disaster came to light three years ago, activists raged against Czerka’s negligence, and the Senate pressed for an inquiry into the management of the Outer Expansion Zone. Supreme Chancellor Dugo Vegnu publicly pushed the Supreme Court to take up the case. The courts did find Czerka guilty of neglect, but most of the other corruption in the Outer Expansion Zone went relatively unpunished, and most other corporations maintain their hold — in truth if not in name — on many of the new colonies.

Now, United Destiny, a galactic relief organization, has constructed a large space station orbiting Kelro. Named Rampart Station, the station houses scientists, doctors, and other personnel working tirelessly to restore Kelro to a livable state. If they can restore Kelro, then there’s hope for many of the other damaged worlds in the Outer Expansion Zone.


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