House Rules

Hit Points

To make housekeeping a little easier, I’m going with static hit points at every level instead of rolling. Classes that have a d6 hit die (noble, scoundrel) get 4 hit points per level. Classes that have a d8 hit die (scout, lots of prestige classes) get 5 hit points per level. Classes that have a d10 hit die (Jedi, soldier, lots of prestige classes) get 6 hit points per level. Classes that have a d12 hit die (three very specific prestige classes) get 7 hit points per level.

Force Points

In a change from the rules as printed in the Core Rulebook, players will receive two (2) Force Points a day, which will be replenished after a night’s rest. Players will receive one additional Force Point per day at 5th, 10th, and 15th levels. Also, the Force Boon feat now gives an extra Force Point per day, instead of 3 more per level. Tying Force Points to a per-day system rather than a per-level system discourages players from stockpiling them (and then using them all right before gaining a new level), and also encourages you to use them more often.

Destiny Points

In a change from the rules as printed in the Core Rulebook, players will receive one (1) Destiny Point whenever they gain a new level. If they already have a Destiny Point they haven’t spent, they don’t gain a new one. In past campaigns, I’ve noticed that players had a tendency to hoard Destiny Points, then spend them en masse during big, climactic battles (thus making short work of my villains); getting one per level will encourage you to use them thoughtfully and not stockpile them. (Also, I am not assigning players individual destinies, as that proves to be kind of a headache as the GM, so there is no +2 bonus/-2 penalty system going on based on your actions.)

The Dark Side

Because Star Wars is a story, in part, about the temptation to evil, I would prefer to be forgiving about characters who make a dark decision once in a while, especially because I plan on setting up decisions that don’t have a big, obvious “light side” answer. Just like Anakin Skywalker in those movies we’d prefer to forget, sometimes heroes make selfish or short-sighted decisions, and I’m willing to be open-minded about players who are tempted by the dark side, with two major caveats: 1) NPCs will react appropriately to characters openly using the dark side, to say nothing of your fellow players, and 2) evil must be PG-13 rated at most. If anybody makes any other players uncomfortable through their actions, I will retract this entire policy. I’ve had these conversations before with players and I’m not interested in having them again, but I think we are smart and we are mature and we are all friends.


1. When you take your first level of a new class, instead of taking one of that class’ feats, you may take Skill Training for any class skill for that new class. This allows players to benefit more from multiclassing.
2. The base attack bonus for noble, scoundrel, scout, and prestige classes that use the 3/4 base attack bonus is tallied as if they were all the same class. This is so characters that multiclass between classes using the 3/4 base attack bonus do not end up with absurdly low attack rolls.

House Rules

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