Chu unthor1An enormous Jedi academy ship that houses more than 10,000 Masters, apprentices, and support staff. Built nearly 50 years ago by Cerean engineers, the Bindu’nal is intended to help extend the Jedi Order’s reach across the galaxy. As most of the Jedi academies have been shut down and training has been centralized on Coruscant, the Bindu’nal is the last vestige of the Jedi’s spirit of exploration.

The Bindu’nal is meant to function as a mobile Jedi Temple. As such, it contains training chambers and meditation chambers, as well as a nursery for newfound younglings, and a counseling support system both to help apprentices prepare for their Jedi Trials and for those new Knights who are adjusting to their new roles and realizing they’ll never be parents or have families. Also, the ship hosts a wide variety of laboratories and research stations to enable the Republic to catalogue any new discoveries in the Bindu’nal’s travels, and an extensive “galaxy room” alerting the ship to any hot spots or trouble in the galaxy through extensive analysis of the HoloNet. In a pinch, the Bindu’nal could function as an emergency home for the entire Jedi Order if the Jedi Temple on Coruscant were destroyed.

The ship travels for months at a time, and only rarely docks at the Temple on Coruscant; the comprehensive support staff enable the ship to travel for much longer than most military ships. The ship also boasts a complement of defense fighters, laser turrets, and the most advanced shield and armor technology in the Republic, making it more than capable of defending itself.

The Bindu’nal is named after a Jedi hero, Jolee Bindo, who saved the planet Cerea from raiders several thousand years ago. His legend has grown in the telling.


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