Saiya Dashel

Jedi Council member


Female human Jedi Master


Born on the Outer Rim colony of Onderon, Saiya Dashel is one of the sharpest, most inquisitive minds in the Jedi Order today. A formidable investigator, Saiya has broken up crime rings, returned freed slaves to their families, and solved seemingly cold cases. There is little that escapes her notice. Because her activities keep her near the halls of power on Coruscant, Saiya has a close working relationship with the Senate, though she’s smart enough to not actually trust any of them.

Furthermore, Saiya is one of the most formidable duelists in the Jedi Order. She is one of the few Jedi to master the lightwhip, and she is quick enough to wield that and a traditional saber in tandem. Despite being in her mid 50s, her advancing age has not slowed down her abilities in the slightest. As such, her instruction is sought throughout the Order — both in lightsaber training and in critical and deductive reasoning — and she is a constant guest aboard the Bindu’nal, though she prefers to stay at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Saiya Dashel has been a member of the Jedi Council for about five years, and frequently comes into conflict with Grand Master Gume Taal. Whereas Taal believes the Jedi should seek greater independence from the Republic and not function as galactic police, Saiya believes that with the Sith defeated once and for all, this is the Jedi Order’s chance to change the galaxy for the better, without distractions. Saiya strongly believes that because the Jedi are now centralized on Coruscant, the capital of the Republic, they are in a unique position to police the Republic and shape galactic policy. Mundane Council matters have turned into shouting matches between the two masters, with other members taking sides, and only wise Ramar Qel-Droma has been able to keep the peace between them.

Saiya Dashel

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