Autumn of the Republic

November 17, 2013

Ghost Ship

The party is joined by Jirya Loof, a human vigilante who is being contracted by the Republic to help investigate the lost Ithorian herdship Jungle Ghost.

Traveling in Reep’s ship, the Methane Flyer, the party finds the ship adrift in space. All escape pods have been jettisoned. The ship’s computers and lighting are erratic or nonfunctional, and there are no signs of battle. A discarded datapad shows that the ship experienced power fluctuations and computer failures after picking up new passengers on Cadomai, including several never-before-encountered species. Jirya and Gibit fix the ship’s decaying reactor core while Reep and Terekka encounter one of the lifeforms aboard the ship—a lamprey-like biped that seems to possess only rudimentary intelligence. It tries to eat Terekka, who slices it with his lightsaber.

Reconvening, the party searches for human life signs that the Methane Flyer had detected before. In the arctic biodome, the group finds three salvagers who are now holed up in the ice tunnels. The salvagers follow the party out, as they search for the command bridge.

The party fights through more lamprey-like aliens to reach the command tower. There, they fight through security droids to access the bridge, where they find the captain dead—starved to death—with a datapad. His last message details the ship’s sabotage, and reveals that the escape pods were all sabotaged as well—an unknown ship emerged right after they tried to evacuate and captured all of their escape pods, with all 10,000 passengers aboard. Now they’re heading to Rampart Station, and they’ve got a five-day head start. The party takes off immediately.



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